What Truckies Wish You Knew

Truckers from across New Zealand share their safety tips. #TipsFromSafeDrivers

I could probably write a book on this subject, but here’s a little…

The are generally 2 instances when an accident may happen:

1- When in a hurry
2- When tired

Definitely when both occur at the same time.

Many times as a delivery driver I’ve been the last to leave dispatch & the first to get back because I’ve found it’s always best to completely map my route so I know where I’m going and how to get there safely with a clear mind.

Drive within the speed limit always & leave the real speed for on-site work.

Mike Cain
– 35 years no moving violations
– 35 years no “At fault” accidents
– Beverage industry truck rodeo champion and driver awards.
– Grocery industry driver of the year & million mile safety awards.

Mike Cain

A shortcut is the fasted way to an accident.

Kenneth Ames

When broken down on the side of the road, exit your vehicle from the passenger side if you can. Exiting this way will prevent you from exiting the cab into traffic.

Clark W. Reed

Always stay 4 ft from the truck in front of you….and keep your eyes in the mirrors at all times.

Cesar ulises Rodriguez

Don’t do what you would swear at another driver for doing.

Antony DeGreat

Mirror, signal, maneuvre. If everyone on the road followed this principle there would be far less accidents.

Sam Currie