What Truckies Wish You Knew
Trucks transport 91% of New Zealand’s total freight by weight, making heavy vehicle road transport an important part of our national economy. New Zealand’s heavy trucks can weigh up to 25 tonnes or more, with truck drivers not allowed to exceed 13 hours of work within any cumulative work day. Heavy vehicle operators are involved in more serious accidents than other vehicles, despite often not being at fault. Truck drivers have primary responsibility for only one fifth (20%) of the fatal crashes involving another road user. They see all kinds of on-road behaviour from the advantage of sitting up high in their cabs. That’s why we want to highlight the importance of safe driving around heavy vehicles. From the 7th May right through to the 31st of May, in recognition of New Zealand’s Road Safety week, we invite you to come out from the cab and share your safety tips! Give your insight from years of expertise to keep our roads safer, for both yourself and the average driver. After the competition, we'll pick the best tip and the winner will get a $100 Visa prepaid gift card. #TipsFromSafeDrivers