What Truckies Wish You Knew

Truckers from across New Zealand share their safety tips. #TipsFromSafeDrivers

I read this in my first driver training textbook when I was 15, “If you think you are the best driver on the highway that means everyone else is just second-best.”

The first key to safety is mindset. That’s what the statement above really means.


Gary Dewyn

Use safety cones when parking to avoid being hit!



Curtis M.Durben

Don’t text and drive it will eventually kill you.

Mark Ashley

As a driver for 28 years now, I observe that the #1 reason for accidents on our roads and greatest cause for concern for their own safety that share our roads along with us is impatience. For some reason, especially among the younger, less experienced drivers, there seems to be a need to always be in front. The lack of courtesy for each other has become less evident as volume of traffic grows. To get yourself in front may get there 3 seconds sooner, but the chances taken for those 3 seconds just don’t make sense. When the chances don’t work and the result is dead people then impatience needs to be brought, in my opinion, to the tragic #1 spot. Distraction is right on the heels at #2.


Brent Peterson

Don’t drive for a living – to many ignorant regulations that make this industry unsafe. ELDs.

Erich E Whaples

Always drive your truck to your ability and not others.


Paul Lojewski

Watch out for trucks when merging on the highway. They can’t always move over so be prepared to slow down or speed up.

Dennis Lank

When in heavy traffic just pick a lane and stay in it .Jumping back and forth from lane to lane is just an accident waiting to happen. And go just little slower to let everyone else pass you. Always run a dash camera.

James Howard

Mirrors create and maintain 360 degrees of awareness around your unit at all times. Watch your mirrors in the direction of a turn or merge throughout the turn or merge (look ahead, check mirrors, look ahead, check mirrors until the action is completed). Your mirrors have a lot to say… but you have to LOOK AT THEM when they are talking to you.

Barton Graham

Well I’m not a civilian truck driver but a military truck driver. I been driving trucks in the military for 18 years now. My number one safety tip is your SEATBELT! Make sure you have it on at all times! Make sure you check your surrounding areas before pulling off. If you are carrying a load, make sure that load is secure! Don’t need any accidents in that manner. When trying to pass, make sure you check all three mirrors! Some people really be trying to get passed us…lol. When entering and exiting your check, use three points of contact. We don’t need any line of duty reports 😉. Check all fluids in your truck before, during, and after you driven. Okay well i’m going to stop here because I can go on and on…lol! Thank you guys for this opportunity. Have a blessed day😊

Kecha Robinson